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Office Package

Office Package is an effective solution to help enterprises reduce more than 90% of investment costs and management time is suitable for small businesses or small offices need employees to use seat being filled fully furnished office.

All necessary amenities but not often used as meeting rooms, photocopiers, fax machines, ... was available fitted, and professional staff including receptionists, secretaries, accountants, interpreters, ... also ready to serve you.

Just select the time you need to rent and office services package will take care of all the rest. As a result, you will have all the resources and time to focus on the most important thing - your business.

Use of office as the office of You
Professional reception to welcome your customers.
Technical staff support IT
Clerical support workers work as postal delivery, hotel reservation, air ticket.
Employees work on processing requirements.Office Package
with modern equipment:
- Equipped with separate work room
- Equipped with tables, chairs, filing cabinets have separate keys
- Free pay utility costs using monthly
- Use of trade license registration address
- Free 7 pm meeting / month ...

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