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Own Den

The small and medium enterprises, start-up or photography businesses are looking overseas representative offices usually do not spend too much cost and time to set up a large-scale office. They just need enough space for a small fee that can be equipped facilities and services. Meeting room luxury interior, the standard 6-8 (10g/th free, 01 day notice). SG-Office is a suitable choice for this business.

The service package and price list




1 table + 6 bosses desk staff
 1 table + 3 bosses desk staff

 Using transaction address

Put the table inside the building company

Set logo, company board outside the building

 Put the logo on the website of SG-Office

Place Brochure companies in the reception area

 Reception reception


 Water, tea, coffee

Printer, photo, scan

 Receive and Forward mails

Jump fax via email

Fax, phone joint

Fax number, personal phone

Meeting room interior luxury, standard (1 day notice)

 System speed broadband internet speed

 Security guard 24/24

 Staff toilet.

Giá dịch vụ



Deposit 3 months, monthly payment


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